Welcome to the EMBA UZH 2021-23!

Welcome to the EMBA UZH 2021-23!

On Wednesday, September 1, 2021, we welcomed the participants of the Executive MBA of the University of Zurich in beautiful Toggenburg and in glorious sunshine.

Dr. Lukas Weber, member of the EMBA UZH Executive Committee, welcomed the participants and after a program introduction by Program Director Dr. Matthias Schaub, Dominique Froelicher, Vice Chair of the EMBA UZH Alumni Organization, introduced the EMBA Alumni Organization.

The theme of the introduction day was “Winning Teams”. Marius Boesch, Executive Coach and Trainer then took over the day’s facilitation with his team. After an ice-breaker exercise, the participants went out into nature to master various tasks and physical challenges in groups, experiencing team dynamics and overcoming their own limits.

Through consistent implementation of “3 G” (recovered-tested-vaccinated) as part of the COVID safety concept, the exercises and also the lectures on the following days could be carried out without the need for masks.

After this successful and inspiring start, the participants stay together in Wildhaus, enjoy the impressive mountain scenery and the mutual exchange and complete the first EMBA module “Leadership” with Prof. Dr. Jochen Menges.

We wish everyone a good start and look forward to embarking on the EMBA UZH journey together with our participants.



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