We form a valuable cross-sector network for our members. We are a strategic cornerstone of the Executive MBA program. We play an active, formative role among UZH’s alumni organizations.


We are proud to be graduates of the UZH Executive MBA program.

  • maintain an active platform for networking between members, thereby giving members access to a high-quality network of experienced individuals
  • offer a carefully selected, diverse annual program and regularly provide exclusive internal and external further training opportunities for alumni
  • are committed to an Executive MBA program that sustainably increases the attractiveness of graduates on the employment market
  • actively support the University of Zurich in the acquisition of suitable individuals for participation in the Executive MBA program.

Strategic Measures

We aim to increase the number of members on a lasting basis by means of focused member management. To this end, we endeavor to acquire both students and graduates as members and to retain existing members. The attractiveness and value of the membership must be increased overall. In general, dialog between members and with the Alumni Board is to be intensified and promoted. An up-to-date, user-friendly member database enables our members to contact each other quickly and efficiently.

Annual alumni program and benefits
We offer an attractive annual program that consisting of knowledge-sharing, experience-based and networking activities. The annual program consists of exclusive events for our members (one “lighthouse event,” the Netzpunkt event series and the General Meeting of Members) and OEC ALUMNI events. In addition, an increasing number of attractive events will be organized by the alumni.

We also enter into cooperation agreements, particularly in the area of further training, utilizing synergies with the Executive MBA program and the University of Zurich in the process. The event program is planned on a long-term basis. Our events are at a high level and are professionally organized, especially in terms of concept, marketing, organization and follow-up.

We offer our members a small but exclusive range of benefits..

Marketing and Communications

Marketing and communications are key success factors for us:

  • We promote interaction and dialog with our members through the targeted use of social media and utilize synergies with the Executive MBA program.
  • We maintain an up-to-date, relevant and inspiring website and exert an active influence to ensure that a needs-based platform and member database is in place for UZH alumni.
  • For our events, we attach importance to appealing invitations, professional acquisition and attractive post-event reporting.
  • We make the attractiveness of our network visible by enlisting successful and well-known members for events.
  • We use the Alumni Award to position ourselves and the Executive MBA program in the media and vis-à-vis the public in general.
  • We use the available opportunities to position ourselves as a successful alumni organization vis-à-vis the University of Zurich and the other alumni organizations.
  • The members of the Alumni Board maintain regular personal contact with members outside of the events.

The EMBA Program

The success of the UZH Executive MBA program is key for our organization and for preserving the value of our educational offering.

  • We actively use the alumni organization’s representation on the Executive Committee to position ourselves as a strong organization and to optimally safeguard the interests of graduates.
  • We participate in the positioning and marketing of the Executive MBA program and play an active role in the acquisition of future students.
  • We maintain close contact with the Coordination Office and the Administrative Head in order to utilize synergies and provide ad hoc support with strategic and concept-related tasks.

Diversity (gender, profession, age) must be safeguarded. The recruitment of new Alumni Board members is focused on the required skills/the post in question. The Alumni Board conducts regular self-evaluations and addresses the issue of succession planning, giving particular consideration to new graduates in the process. Although no explicit restriction on the period of office will be defined, the principle of rotation is followed to ensure regular renewal and members are generally expected to be replaced after six years.

To ensure knowledge retention and continuity and ease the burden on the Alumni Board members, administrative and organizational tasks will be assigned to the Coordination Office or third parties.

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