Jan Schneider
EMBA Class of 2015-2017

Head of Institutional Banking, Aargauische Kantonalbank

«My Executive MBA at the University of Zurich was transformational.
I had the fortune of learning from high-calibre professors with years of industry experience, who gave me the foundations and confidence to make a difference in the world. Along the way, I developed valuable networks and life-long relationships. It was truly a life-changing experience!»

Christiane Barz
Faculty of the Executive MBA

Professor; Chair of Mathematics for Business and Economics, University of Zurich

«Disruptors like artificial intelligence are going to drive efficiencies and reduce the need for management. Yet, these disruptors will also create space for individuals, teams and organisations to be creative and push leaders to guide and scale. This creativity becomes invaluable for organisations to reinvent themselves time after time to win.»

Jochen Menges
Faculty of the Executive MBA

Professor; Chair of Human Resource Management and Leadership, University of Zurich

«Most professionals considering an Executive MBA do so to improve their leadership skills. And, many programmes are successful in delivering leadership frameworks to participants. But, knowing how to lead does not mean that you can do it. Too often, when faced with a leader-ship challenge, individuals fall back to old patterns of behaviour rather than acting on what they know would be best.»

Salomé Iglesia
EMBA Class of 2014-2016

Head of Product Management, Siemens

«It is important to balance work and family, and not miss out on educational opportunities. The average six-day, once a month EMBA design accommodates this need and allows you to concentrate at work and also spend quality time with family over the weekend.»

Irene Haag
EMBA Class of 2011-2013

Head of Human Resources EMEA, Sika AG

«Our employees are our main asset. When they come to a point in their
career to take on more leadership responsibilities, we recommend they take a scientifically grounded, Executive MBA programme like the EMBA UZH. This programme has
a strong practical orientation, an intercultural management dimension and allows them to combine their studies with their work responsibilities.»

Riet Cadonau
Member of the EMBA Executive Committee

CEO of Dormakaba Group, Switzerland

«What the University of Zurich offers future-focused businesses is invaluable and critical in giving executives a road-map to navigate the disruptions ahead. I would highly recommend this programme to anyone who recognises that the next few years will be unlike those we’ve seen before.»

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