EMBA Alumni UZH Women’s Chapter

EMBA Alumni UZH Women’s Chapter

A network for female EMBA alumni has been founded in the form of the Women’s Chapter of EMBA Alumni UZH. It holds two informal, relaxed events each year at which EMBA graduates can exchange experiences and network. The events and the speakers who appear at them are devoted to entrepreneurial, (socio-)political and economic topics and are designed to be both inspiring and surprising. Alongside the content, there is also plenty of opportunity to enjoy an agreeable get-together with former fellow students and for discussion among participants. The Women’s Chapter boosts the visibility of the previously underrepresented female graduates and supports the efforts of the degree program management to increase diversity in the program.

  • Number of members:
  • Foundation:
    2018 (Julia Trzicky, Therese Grunder, Martina Dimmler)
  • Presidents:
    Julia Trzicky, Therese Grunder, Martina Dimmler
  • Contact:

Next event on Thursday, 12 September 2019
Dem Flickflauder und der Iisfee auf der Spur
An intimate talk with Gabriela Manser, CEO of GOBA AG. Registration

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