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The EMBA – Let’s have a look at the Learning Expeditions

The learning expeditions during the Executive MBA are often referred to by students as the highlights of the study program. In short, but intense study visits, our award-winning partner universities in the United States, China, Israel, and Ghana provide deep learning experiences through a mix of inspiring lectures, case studies, live cases, and guest speakers. The focus of the learning expeditions is different in the two Executive MBA programs.

Executive MBA General Management with focus on «International Management»

Globalization does not mean that there are no differences in business practices – quite the contrary. To be successful in the future you have to understand the specific peculiarities of the respective economic areas and to master the most important cultural rules. During the Executive MBA, our course participants deepen their understanding of other cultural and economic areas. To achieve this, the program includes modules on international management on our campus in Zurich, supplemented by study trips abroad with company visits and teaching by renown local lecturers.

Yale University, New Haven (USA)
The Yale School of Management is located on Yale University campus in New Haven, Connecticut, two hours north of New York City. The academic content at the Yale School of Management is tailored to the needs of the Executive MBA of the University of Zurich and focuses on “Negotiation” and “Innovation Management”. This study tour complements the program in Zurich with insights into Anglo-Saxon management culture. Experienced Yale University professors deepen the management skills of our students in Yale University’s rich learning environment. Participants enjoy and experience the “American Way of Teaching” and benefit from the excellent application-oriented research at Yale University.

A report on the last study trip can be found here.


«The mission of the Yale School of Management is to educate leaders for business and society.»

Excerpt from the mission statement of the Yale School of Management

Fudan University, Shanghai, China
The influence of China has been increasing steadily, at the same time the Chinese business culture is very different from ours. For these reasons, the Executive MBA of the University of Zurich visits the Chinese metropolis of Shanghai as part of a one-week study trip.

In order to gain the most authentic insight into the opportunities, dangers and dynamics of “Doing Business in China”, the course participants attend classes at the School of Management at Fudan University and attend networking events. Teaching by local lecturers focuses on General Management topics under the title “Characteristics of Business Management in China”.

Founded in 1905, Fudan University has more than 30,000 local and international students and is ranked among the top 3 universities in mainland China. The Executive Development Center of the School of Management offers exclusive management training and global consulting services for top executives. The Fudan School of Management is accredited by EQUIS and AACSB. In addition to working with the Executive MBA of the University of Zurich, the School of Management also cooperates with other well-known institutions such as the London Business School, MIT, or Washington University.

Through the study trip to China, our course participants gain insights into the largest Asian economy and experience the “Asia Growth Story” first-hand. The participants will also be enabled to see the current situation in China in a macroeconomic context and to understand the local market and management mechanisms.

A report on the last study trip can be found here.


«We take great pride in the success achieved by the students of the Executive MBA of the University of Zurich and we look forward to continuing our positive relationship.»

Prof. Liu Jie, Director of the  Executive Development Center,
Fudan University

Optional study trip, Ghana
In addition to the two mandatory study trips to the US and China, the Executive MBA offers, should sufficient interest exist, another optional study trip to Ghana. This study tour, which takes place after the course modules towards the end of the program, is also open to our Alumni. The goal of this optional journey is to understand the opportunities and challenges of “doing business” within a West African emerging market with a different business culture. In addition to company visits and workshops with local entrepreneurs, there are also lectures at our partner institution, the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) in the capital Accra.

A report on the last study trip can be found here.

Executive MBA General Management with focus on «Digital Transformation»

Global learning expeditions immerse you in the world’s most innovative hotspots. Each expedition will be hosted at reputable global universities such as Stanford, Yale, Tel Aviv University and Fudan University, so you get valuable insights from professors and researchers on the latest developments in bleeding edge technologies, innovation, intra- and entrepreneurship, and immerse yourself in personal and professional leadership development to gain a competitive edge.

Moreover, you will meet, discuss and interact with executives of innovative global players, entrepreneurs, innovators, and other individuals who lead the way in digital transformation, innovation, and technological change.

Known as one of the most entrepreneurial countries, Israel receives the most start-up funding in the world after the United States. Despite having almost no natural resources and poor infrastructure, Israel emerged in the 1990s as a high technology powerhouse, becoming known as “Silicon Wadi.”

Here, you will access the effective and sustainable entrepreneurial methodologies used by established corporations to transform ideas into value generating products and services. You will be given state of the art models, theories and practical tools in fields of innovation and entrepreneurship, based on methodologies and insights that Israeli professionals and academics have developed over the years.

Meet with government and business executives and experience the ecosystem clustered around Tel Aviv University that drives entrepreneurship in the “Start-up Nation”.

US East and West Coast
You can read about entrepreneurship in a case and discuss innovation in a classroom but the only way to experience being on the cutting edge of business is to go to Silicon Valley. Here, you’ll have unfettered access to entrepreneurs and executives, learn about idea generation, start-ups, rapid growth, financing, IPOs, and how to lead during rapid growth.

Discover the ecosystems that facilitate the entrepreneurial spirit, develop your innovation network, and discover the keys to building your innovative mind-set.

Immerse yourself in the unique ecosystem that combines interdisciplinary academic powerhouses like Stanford and Yale, start-ups in life sciences and data analytics that deliver scientific breakthroughs and technological advances.

The US East Coast is also home to some of the best-known technology and biotech companies in the world, which have been operating as large enterprises for decades. Perhaps it is the Wall Street effect, but investors on the East Coast take a more hard-nosed approach to business. At the Yale School of Management you will discover the difference in pitching, negotiating and team leadership in a rich learning environment at the US East Coast.

Switzerland is a thriving proving ground for start-ups and an innovation hub for digital, medical and financial technologies.

Here, diverse sectors of the economy come together to promote innovation. You will experience how businesses, governments and universities actively collaborate and exchange knowledge to expedite the transfer of research into marketable products and services.

You will also expand your understanding of the various factors in the innovation ecosystem that are required to launch successful breakthrough digital transformation initiatives.

With the new and emerging trends in e-commerce, automotive, e-payment, AI, Big Data, face recognition and other technologies, China is set to lead the way as it transforms its market, economy, and society into a global, financial, manufacturing, and cyber powerhouse. The “New China” will affect almost every region around the world, and every industry, both online and offline.

While the Chinese government continues to promote innovation by enhancing support for the commercialization of scientific and technological achievements, the environment is challenging and competition is fierce.

Get on-the-ground insights on the dynamic Chinese economy, markets and culture. You’ll learn from executives who demonstrate the grit and innovative spirit needed to thrive in this budding international center for innovation.


Ghana (Optional)
We offer an additional optional learning expedition to Ghana before graduation in spring 2024. You will experience doing business in an emerging economy and learn about oppotunities and challenges in this market. The experience will include workshops and lectures with Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) in Accra, company visits and live cases with local entrepreneurs.

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