I am delighted that you are considering the University of Zurich’s Executive MBA in General Management, Focus: Digital Transformation. While it is now obvious that digital transformation is changing our world, it is far less obvious how leaders like you can thrive in this environment.

If you want to get ready to shape the world of organizations in the 2020s, a strong know-how both in the fundamentals of business and in the opportunities and risks of the new world are essential. This Executive MBA will deliver this package. You will immerse yourself in various types of program elements, and you will interact with a diverse group of participants and lecturers. Finally, you obtain access not only to the specific network of this executive degree program, but you have an opportunity to tap into the extraordinary breadth of one of the leading business faculties and one of the top universities in the world.

Every journey begins with one step. An Executive MBA at the University of Zurich helps you choose the right direction.

Prof. Alexander F. Wagner, Ph.D.
Vice Dean for Executive Education and Alumni President of the Executive Committee

Traditional organizations have recognized the need to adapt to the fast-changing digital age with an integrated approach and innovative technologies. However, it can be a massive undertaking. Digital transformation efforts often run into roadblocks because of confusion and resistance to change.

Smart organizations know that changing corporate culture is vital to the success of digitalization. Therefore, digital transformation calls for a different type of leader. One that drives his or her organization to continually challenge the status quo, experiment, and get comfortable with failure.

University of Zurich’s groundbreaking Executive MBA in General Management, Focus: Digital Transformation, builds on the success of it’s long-standing Executive MBA with a focus on International Management. It delivers the unique skills and frameworks needed to succeed in a digital world. The program curriculum provides leaders with the tools, concepts and perspectives that will allow them to develop strategic responses to new digital opportunities and to then align their organizations for effective strategy execution – while earning a world-class EMBA and building a strong global network.

We are developing the leaders all organizations need to thrive in a digital world.

Ingrid Deltenre,
President of the Executive MBA, University of Zurich



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