As someone who has benefited from the transformational power of an Executive MBA, I know first-hand how it can change a life. While I now oversee the strategic direction of Switzerland’s largest university, I began my professional career as a biochemist. My investment in an Executive MBA gave me the knowledge and confidence to transform from a subject matter expert to a team lead to the president of this innovative academic powerhouse.

I am proud of the University’s ability to provide the widest range of courses of any Swiss higher education institution. We are also known for innovating at the forefront of emerging trends such as digitalization, which is fundamentally changing society and requires new competencies. This is why we launched the UZH Digital Society Initiative (DSI) that brings a cross disciplinary approach to researching the effects of digitalization on a variety of subject areas.

Yet, no matter the disruptor, the ability to think strategically, drive change, and develop resilience, will always be in demand. So, while incorporating the unique challenges in the age of fast, the new Executive MBA in General Management, Focus: Digital Transformation will also develop you as a leader, ready to succeed in a digital world at the personal, organizational and global level.

I invite you to experience, as I did, the life-changing power of a world-class executive MBA.

Prof. Dr. Michael O. Hengartner,
President of the University of Zurich

Traditional organizations have recognized the need to adapt to the fast-changing digital age with an integrated approach and innovative technologies. However, it can be a massive undertaking. Digital transformation efforts often run into roadblocks because of confusion and resistance to change.

Smart organizations know that changing corporate culture is vital to the success of digitalization. Therefore, digital transformation calls for a different type of leader. One that drives his or her organization to continually challenge the status quo, experiment, and get comfortable with failure.

University of Zurich’s groundbreaking Executive MBA in General Management, Focus: Digital Transformation, builds on the success of the long-standing Executive MBA with focus on International Management. It delivers the unique skills and frameworks needed to succeed in a digital world. The program curriculum provides leaders with the tools, concepts and perspectives that will allow them to develop strategic responses to new digital opportunities and to then align their organizations for effective strategy execution – while earning a world-class EMBA and building a strong global network.

We are developing the leaders all organizations need to thrive in a digital world.

Ingrid Deltenre,
President of the Executive MBA, University of Zurich



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