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The EMBA – from a Private Perspective

It takes three semesters to complete the Executive MBA Program at the University of Zurich. For that reason, we take care to ensure that your continuing education course is compatible not only with your job but also with your family life and with any roles in associations, political offices or other personal commitments you may have. This compatibility is guaranteed thanks to the course structure of the University of Zurich’s Executive MBA program, which consists of short, three-day modules every two weeks in the EMBA International Management or intensive 1 week modules once per month in the EMBA Digital Transformation.

Partnership, family and studies
Concerns about having to neglect partners and family for the sake of studying often make people apprehensive about embarking on a continuing education course.

The University of Zurich’s Executive MBA program is designed in such a way that students can coordinate their studies, work and family lives. To pass the course, students must acquire 80 ECTS credits out of a possible total of 89; these nine credits (which corresponds to three three-day modules) provide a certain amount of scope for family activities.

With the exception of the modules held abroad, all teaching takes place in Zurich. This means that students can get home quickly and generally do not have to stay away from home overnight. As a result, the time left over for families and partners is only reduced to a limited extent.

Roles in associations and other commitments
With its three-day or six day modules, the University of Zurich’s Executive MBA program is consistently designed so that it can be completed alongside work. Additional time is required to prepare for the course modules, however – based on experience, about half day for each course day. This should be taken into consideration, especially if you hold a challenging political office alongside your job or a time-consuming role in an association.

Due to the course structure of the Executive MBA program, it should be possible to continue any involvement in associations or political offices and to maintain your personal commitments to a reduced extent.

«It was important to me to be able to achieve a good balance between my job, my family life and my continuing education course. The three-day modules that can be attended alongside work were ideal for me. What is more, the course’s location in Zurich enabled me to pop into the office in the evenings if there was something urgent to take care of. In this way, I was able to concentrate entirely on the course and the other weekends without any modules were reserved for my family whenever possible.»

Franz Steiger, EMBA UZH alumnus, SBB

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