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The alumni organization for the University of Zurich’s Executive MBA program presents an annual award for the most innovative final thesis from the current Executive MBA course. The prize honors theses which stand out on account of their creativity and whose results promise successful implementation of creative ideas in an organization. The evaluation may focus both on the impact of innovation on the internal processes and characteristics of an organization – such as positive changes to the corporate culture, image, etc. – and on external effects in the sense of positive social, economic and environmental changes. The award is handed out at the graduation ceremony.

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This year’s alumni award for the most innovative master thesis goes to Tamara Hofer, Michael Schümperli and Stephan Zumbühl for their thesis „Dimensions of Shaping: A Framework for Collaborations between Corporations and Start-ups“.

In their thesis the team had a very close look at what happens when start-ups and corporations work together and how they influence each other. This influence, the call shaping. The changes according to our authors will take place in 5 dimensions: Strategy, Business Model, Solution, Collaboration Model and Culture. What they did as result of their thesis is to create a framework which indicates collaboration success and helps identify in which dimensions shaping may be advisable in order to successfully cooperate.

The thesis was selected as winner for the innovation award because Tamara, Michael and Stephan had a look at a highly relevant and active business field. Corporations seek inspiration, innovation and rejuvenating and therefore aim for collaboration with start-ups. Start-ups on the other hand hope to grow, mature and fine-tune their products and services when looking for closer relationships with corporates. And as we all know, unfortunately lots of these business relationships starting with lots of hope, inspiration and expectations, end in dispute and disappointment. I now hope that lots of potential cooperation partners will benefit from your paper and try to have a closer look at what could work and how to create collaboration in order to be successful and inspiring on both ends.

Our congratulations go to Tamara Hofer, Michael Schümperli and Stephan Zumbühl for winning the award of the most innovative master thesis within the Executive MBA program Digital Transformation 2024 and their contribution to successful collaboration and innovation.

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