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The alumni organization for the University of Zurich’s Executive MBA program presents an annual award for the most innovative final thesis from the current Executive MBA course. The prize honors theses which stand out on account of their creativity and whose results promise successful implementation of creative ideas in an organization. The evaluation may focus both on the impact of innovation on the internal processes and characteristics of an organization – such as positive changes to the corporate culture, image, etc. – and on external effects in the sense of positive social, economic and environmental changes. The award is handed out at the graduation ceremony.

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Alumni Award 2023

This year’s alumni award for the most innovative master thesis goes to Filippo Marcassoli and Marcelo Riso for their thesis „Study Block Aero`s Proposal to Improve Carbon Credits Accounting and Trading for the Aviation industry“.

Who of you completely understands carbon markets and the tradeing of CO2 certificates throughout international companies, connected markets and mulit-linked players? Filippo and Marcelo have with their thesis studied an attempt of Block Aero to bring some light into the aviation industry by Decentralising Carbon Trading Markets with Public Blockchain Networks and Distributed Ledger Technology.

Main reason for selecting this thesis for this year’s innovation award is the fact that a part from doing proper academic work, which your teachers already evaluated, this thesis chose a topic focussing on a hightly relevant subject on an international level with impact on people around the world and from different generations and found promising technology and knowhow to contribute to an overall solution finding.

You describe developing sustainble aviation fuel and carbon markets as the most promising actions within aviation industry in order to reduce their greenhouse gas emmisions. Both actions you state have faced a number of challenges and limitations, including issues with the accuracy and verifiability of emissions data, high transaction costs, and the difficulty of developing new carbon market mechanisms. Using blockchain technology within this area seems to have the potential to make these actions and processes more transparent, more efficient, more verifiable and more accurate.

In their master thesis Filippo and Marcelo take a closer look at the feasibility and potential benefits of using blockchain for carbon markets. The autors conclude by providing a compatible outcome and benefit for blockain application to improve carbon credits accounting and trading for the aviation industry.

Our congratulations go to Filippo Marcassoli and Marcelo Riso for winning the award of the most innovative master thesis within the Executive MBA program Digital Transformation 2023 and their contribution of reducing greenhouse gas emmision of the aviation industry.

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