The EMBA – a Look at the Target Groups

As a current or future member of your company’s Executive Board, you communicate both internally and with the Board of Directors. In your new function, you may also be responsible for communication with shareholders and the public. To be understood, you now need to adopt an external perspective on your company – something which is relatively new to you and which the University of Zurich’s EMBA program will help you to practice.

You work in middle management in the retail or service sector or in administration and have an opportunity to move up to top management provided that you can demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of business administration, general management and leadership skills and an ability to think strategically – core topics of the University of Zurich’s EMBA program.

You work at an international corporation or a company with an international focus and may even be considering going on an assignment abroad. As a result, international management is a core skill that you now require. In combination with the relevant modules in Zurich, the study trips to Yale University and Shanghai highlight the importance of this topic within the University of Zurich’s EMBA program. Digitalisation topics like Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) get even closer to the core business of your company and our industry is increasingly under pressure to develop solutions and long term strategies in order to face the reality of digital change. These topics and a solid grounding in General Management resemble your core competencies and are the basis for you to find answers and to exploit opportunities brought along by digital change.



You are a physician and want to prepare yourself for a career move, either at an institution or with a view to setting up your own practice. You are now expected to be able to read a balance sheet and display leadership skills.

Your network is focused very specifically on your field of activity. The University of Zurich’s EMBA program will expand not only your strategic horizon but also your network. This is reflected in the diversity of targeted groups that the EMBA program is geared towards. At higher management levels, a cross-sector network is particularly important as a means of successfully overcoming new challenges.

«When I chose my continuing education course, it was important to me that the program provided scope for both a practical element and for an understanding of other cultural and economic regions. The University of Zurich’s EMBA program meets these requirements. Furthermore, with the three-day modules every two weeks, or the one week modules once per month the program is consistently designed to be completed alongside work.»

Katja Schönenberger, EMBA UZH alumna, Director, Pro Juventute

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