Aims of the Program

A Sound Investment in Uncertain Times

Leadership in the digital age requires unique skills and therefore a new approach to education.

That is why the new Executive MBA from the University of Zurich infuses a world-class management education with the unique development needs of innovative digital disruptors.

To implement digital transformation and reinvent business models, it is essential to learn from industry leaders who have successfully changed the rules of the game. Global exposure to innovative hotspots, live cases with real organizations, and insight exchanges with world-class faculty and innovative executives expand your leadership DNA through a truly transformative experience unlike any other.

Our signature incubator approach to innovation will accelerate your ability to push the boundaries of what is possible for a direct impact in your organization. Equip yourself with the tools and frameworks to innovate and successfully translate your ideas into breakthrough solutions. Become a change agent who spearheads your organization’s strategies to stay ahead of competitors.

You will acquire the specialized capabilities to lead in a disruptive environment time after time.

Disruption is the New Normal

The ripples of powerful digital technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning have grown into waves that carry dramatic changes to virtually every sector, industry and function. From healthcare to law, digital technology is disrupting old models and is challenging the way we do business.

To thrive in a business environment of constant disruption, successful companies move quickly to take advantage of the massive transformations happening. They know that they must reinvent their entire business model or face being swept away in the years to come. Kodak, Nokia and Yahoo! are prominent examples of once industry titans that have been marginalized. Airbnb, Uber, Amazon and Apple on the other hand have disrupted and changed the rules of the game.

Digital disruption carries unprecedented opportunities too. When done right, companies who embrace digital transformation are able to better align with customer demands and are agile in the fast-changing digital age. It can also be the key to survival for large organizations as they compete with nimble rivals.

Leadership Development in the Digital Age

As organizations quickly recognize the need to reinvent themselves at a faster rate, especially in crisis like the global pandemic of 2020, they are increasingly seeking leaders who demonstrate agility and an innovative spirit.

This type of leader not only recognizes potential in disruption, but has the confidence, tools and mind-set to boldly lead their organizations into unchartered territory and reshape whole businesses and industries.

The groundbreaking new Executive MBA from the University of Zurich will help you initiate and lead digital change, reinvent your company’s business model and transform into the innovative and agile leader needed in this volatile and rapidly changing business environment.

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