Unsere EMBA-Absolventin Salomé Iglesia im Interview

Salomé Iglesia is Head of Product Lifecycle Management at Siemens Mobility Switzerland. She graduated from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid in Industrial Engineering (MSc) in 2003, and successfully completed her EMBA at University of Zurich in 2016. Salomé is married and mother of two children.

What was your motivation to attend the EMBA?
I had a strong technical academic background and managerial experience, but I wanted to go beyond engineering and expand my network outside of the sector. I checked several institutions in Switzerland and decided for the EMBA at UZH, not least because of the module structure which allowed me to coordinate my private life, job and executive education. The empathy of the EMBA staff at the first information session gave me the confidence to apply for this program.

How did the EMBA help you to advance your career?
The program helped me to expand my perspective, I learned a lot from both the modules as well as from my peers. The 1.5 years was like a condensed 10 years of working experience. I grew a lot professionally and personally. I finished my studies in March 2016, and got promoted in October of the same year and then again three years later.

What competences from the EMBA can you apply in your current job?
The EMBA helped to put me in the spotlight, being able to prove my capability to outperform and thus gave me the opportunity to move forward. In addition, the modules were very interesting and the network with my peers was very inspiring.

How could you balance family, job and EMBA?
I combined the maternity leave of my second child with the start of the program. My partner’s support was crucial for me to do the EMBA. We both shared the responsibility and the workload. In addition, the EMBA team was always very supportive.

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