EMBA UZH Alumni Stars – Kate Ohbaidze: Embodying the virtues of women’s empowerment

EMBA UZH Alumni Stars – Kate Ohbaidze: Embodying the virtues of women’s empowerment

Kate Ohbaidze has worked in HR and Leadership Development roles for over seven years. She’s led cross-cultural teams of experts and consultants to help improve communication both internally and with clients; she leads by example as a Diversity and Inclusion ambassador.

Kate exemplifies the adage “be the change you want to see in the world.” Since being stranded in Switzerland at the onset of the Ukraine war and choosing to settle here, she worked tirelessly to aid those affected by the conflict. Collaborating with charities, she facilitated relocation, provided housing, transportation, and relief assistance.




Kate is a passionate advocate for women’s empowerment. “I firmly believe that creating spaces for women to thrive and grow is not just a choice, it’s a responsibility,” she explained. Demonstrating, once again, her ability to back up words with actions, Kate started a women’s club with regular weekly meetings for Ukrainian women to help them integrate, develop their leadership and soft skills, and prepare for their careers.

At the same time, Kate began searching for the right business school. A testament to her own resilience and fortitude. “Studying an MBA had been a longstanding ambition,” she said, “And among all the schools, the EMBA from the University of Zurich stood out for its diversity and willingness to nurture all students, irrespective of gender and backgrounds.” Her objective had been to learn more about different business functions to gain a broader perspective and be better informed on opportunities for the next steps in her career.

Kate extols the exposure to business cases, hands-on simulations, and real-world application: from leadership and corporate finance to innovation management and strategic management. “I was absolutely blown away by change management, transformation, transition, and start-up planning,” she added.

Kate’s personal highlights from the EMBA include the Learning Expeditions to the US and China. “On both trips, the programs were packed full of activities,” she recalled. “I had always dreamed of studying at Yale and experiencing life there first-hand. And the rich cultural immersion we were treated to in China, along with numerous company visits, really served to inspire new ideas.”

Kate’s journey has led her to a new position in the area of B2B transformation. She credits this next step in her career to the EMBA that she earned at UZH. “I’m also in the process of co-founding a start-up company,” she added. “It’s something I never imagined myself doing! But, the EMBA provides an incredible confidence boost, making you believe you can tackle anything.”

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