Having it your own way…flexibility and the personal touch in the EMBA UZH

At the Executive MBA UZH we strive to give our participants the best learning experience possible.  Fitting an intense study program into a busy career and home life can be a challenge. There are a number of ways to tailor the EMBA specifically to your needs and requirements. We are mindful of your individual circumstances and we are passionate to find tailored solutions for our participants. 

EMBA Curriculum
Participants can select modules from both EMBA programs to enrich their EMBA learning. Furthermore, selected modules from different specialist subject areas of the Executive Education portfolio (i.e. Banking and Finance, Real Estate, Digital Health and Blockchain) can be selected as electives.

Learning Expeditions
The EMBA offers a carefully curated set of inspiring Learning Expeditions. There is the possibility to join additional optional Learning Expeditions. In cases where travelling to a certain location is not possible for a participant, or where it is not advisable then we will find an alternative solution. It is also possible to gain the EMBA qualification without travelling by selecting modules from the other EMBA or electives from the Executive Education portfolio.

Module Content
Relating the EMBA learning to your own professional experience is seen as a key element of the EMBA. Furthermore, in some modules Professors encourage participants to bring a specific case from your own work and treat them as a live case during the module.

Work and life events
We know that Executives have busy lives and jobs – therefore work and life can come in the way of attending a module. The EMBA UZH is designed to support you and you can decide not to visit up to 3 modules or 9 days of classroom teaching and still have enough credits (80) to graduate from the program. You can also substitute a certain module with a module from the other EMBA program. Should a major disruption occur in work or life then you can also finish the program in the following year. We find solutions together with you.

Only a small portion of the tuition fee is to be paid before the start of the program to secure your place on the EMBA. For the remainder we have standard invoice dates over 3 years or we can arrange an individual payment plan that stretches over 3 years, which is also a tax efficient way to fund your studies.

Study preparation and support
We know that executive learners have specific needs and our modules are designed to fit those needs. Preparation material is available 4 – 6 weeks before each module, so you can familiarize yourself with the content at your own pace. The examination takes place within or shortly after the module so there are no big revision and exam weeks at the end of the program. Your final Master project is supported throughout the EMBA journey. You will be working in pairs or groups of up to three students on topics that you identify and develop together with your academic supervisor.

Learning Platform
We provide you with an easy to use learning platform where you find all materials, handouts, program and module information. This platform can be accessed anytime and used on your laptop and on your mobile devices easily.

Individual support
Your learning will be supported not only by the Professor and the guest lecturers, also our program management team with Course Assistant and Program Manager is always on hand to attend to your needs and give you the support you require. Should you have additional learning requirements, then we will be happy to support you individually.

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